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Tokaji Oremus Szamorodni

Tokaji Oremus Szamorodni (Hungary)

I don’t know what is it that I loved the most about this Tokaji Oremus Szamorodni. Its complex, overwhelming and yet elegant sweetness? Its golden heart and pronounced inviting aromas? Or perhaps the fact that the word szamorodni represents, more or less, the way I live life.

Information: Tokaji Oremus Szamorodni

  • Variety: Hárslevelű and Furmint
  • Vintage: 2012
  • Producer: Oremus
  • Region: Tokaji, Hungary

WSET Level 3 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine©

  • Clarity: clear
  • Intensity: medium
  • Colour: white: gold

  • Condition: clean
  • Intensity: pronounced
  • Aroma characteristics: dried apricot, orange marmalade, dried banana, honey and nutty nuances
  • Development: developing

  • Sweetness: sweet
  • Acidity: high
  • Alcohol: medium
  • Body: full
  • Flavour intensity: pronounced
  • Flavour characteristics: dried apricot, honey and marmalade
  • Finish: medium (+)

  • Quality level: very good
  • Level of readiness for drinking/potential for ageing: can drink now, but has potential for ageing

Community Ratings

  • Vivino © rating: 4,1/5 (257 ratings)
  • Delectable © rating: 9/10 (12 ratings)
  • Our WineApproach

    I’m not a fan of sweet food, even less of sweet drinks. I never put sugar in my tea, can’t stand coke and would never buy any juice that it’s not made from real fruit. Having said that, there are some sweet wines that got my attention and that I would definitely buy again.

    Botrytized wines belong to that group. These natural sweet wines are really something different and they can easily conquer ever sour-people like myself.

    I believe Botrytis cinerea is some sort of an angel, and Tokaj its paradise. Impossible to resist to that orange marmalade and dried apricot pronounced flavours, delicately integrated with a high acidity that makes its full body not flabby at all.

    But I have to say, there’s something more in Szamorodni wines, a word that in English means “as it comes“. It might be the risk of supremacy of any of the components, the subtle danger of an unbalanced wine, or its exciting unpredictable nature. It’s part of a game that Tokaj producers know very well, a gamble that could lead them right to the top or drown them forever.

    Tokaji Oremus Szamorodni, that’s how I enjoy living. Taking life as it comes, one sip at a time.

    Natalia Pezzone

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