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Gigondas – Chateau de Saint Cosme (France)

This Gigondas is a wonderful wine, from a producer we’ve met completely by chance when we were living in the UK. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw we were going to taste it during the WSET 3 course. Having tasted it before, I knew it was going to be qualified – at least – as a good wine, but I couldn’t wait to hear my WSET educators‘ opinion.

Information: Gigondas – Chateau de Saint Cosme

  • Variety: Indicative blend: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Cinsault
  • Vintage: 2015
  • Producer: Chateau de Saint Cosme
  • Region / Country: Gigondas, France

WSET Level 3 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine©

  • Clarity: clear
  • Intensity: medium
  • Colour: ruby

  • Condition: clean
  • Intensity:  medium (+) 
  • Aroma characteristics: red and black fruits (raspberry, black cherry), dried fruits and spices. Chocolate and vanilla from oak. Tertiary aromas of smoke and hints of earth.
  • Development: developing

  • Sweetness: dry
  • Acidity: medium (+) 
  • Tannin: high
  • Alcohol:  high
  • Body: full
  • Flavour intensity: medium (+)
  • Flavour characteristics: mainly oak aromas (chocolate, vanilla) and dried black fruits.
  • Finish: long

  • Quality level: very good
  • Level of readiness for drinking/potential for ageing: can drink now

Community Ratings

  • Vivino © rating: 4,2/5 (102 ratings)
  • Delectable © rating: 9,1/10 (391 ratings)
  • Our WineApproach

    Years ago, we lived and worked for some time in a very small pub in Lee, a 400-people lovely town by the sea in North Devon, England. There were some charming cottages with thatched roofs in the area, surrounded by a deep forest and the amazing flowers of the Fuchsia Valley – I let you imagine how beautiful scenery it was.

    One of this lovely cottages was owned by Louis Barruol, a french wine producer from Gigondas, owner of Chateau de Saint Cosme and a close friend of our pub’s owner. We had the chance of sharing views with Louis, learn about his biodynamic approach, tasted many of his great wines – even the super premium ones! -, played the Wine Aroma Tasting game with him and had a lot of fun.

    Not only his Gigondas wines were great, but he’s a very nice person, great musician and has a lovely family.

    That’s why it was a pleasure for me to see one of his bottles during my WSET 3 course. And I was also very happy to find out that my WSET educators, as well as all my fellow students, adored it. Great balance, excellent length, complex flavours and the potential of getting even better with time.

    Again, well done Louis.

    Nicola Centonze

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