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  • Did you find a bottle of wine that you fell in love with? Please, tell us about it!
  • Would you like to share your wine knowledge with us? Drop us a line!
  • Do you have an idea that we’ll definitely love? We’re all ears!

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To wine producers

Would you like us to taste your wine? Sure, we will. But, differently from other wine experts around the world, we will publish our review even if we didn’t like your wine. So it’s up to you: that’s our Wine Approach.

Note: We don’t have this blog only to get free bottles of wine. That’s the aim of many so-called wine bloggers, unfortunately, but we don’t need charity and we’re not freeloaders. We can buy our own wine, actually it’s the only shopping we enjoy doing 🙂

So, if we can find your wine in our country, we’ll buy a bottle and write about it. You just need to give us an honest reason of why should we taste your wine…with millions of bottles around the world, what makes your wine so special?

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More wine related websites

Do you read Italian? Check our Wine Club Cultori del Vino: in our wine blog you can find many technical articles, stories, reviews and much more. If you’re a wine producer, we can also help you to improve your wines and/or brand.

Interested in knowing more about ourselves? Check our personal websites (currently in Italian only, but we’re sure Mr. Google Translate can give you a hand with that).

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