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Wine Approach

About our Wine Approach

Our Wine Approach it’s not about the wine itself. What it counts is that first, immediate thought that comes to mind after the initial sip.

If love at first sight truly exists, then we can also have a crush on certain wines. But honestly, that only happens once in a while: the majority of the wine we taste is fairly good, sometimes even remarkable, but rarely outstanding.

With incredible wines being hard to find we, simple wine lovers, are forced to keep looking and looking for that unbelievable bottle that will make us feel like heaven on earth.

As in life, we commit ourselves to seek perfection in every glass. We try to believe wine producers when they state their wine it’s unique. They all say that, we know it, but still, as naive young maids, we decide to trust them. We give that bottle a try. What happens next depends on how lucky we are.

Our wine approach is simple as wine itself should be. We give every reliable-looking producer an opportunity to show what they’ve made. We taste their wine using well-established wine tasting techniques, we write down our tasting notes as our teachers taught us.

And then we let ourselves go.

We allow wine to get into our hearts, to tell its story inside our minds, to slowly conquer our senses. We give wine the opportunity of expressing itself, of showing us what else is going on there. The chance of explaining details, of making us realise that we’re missing something. All this, in order to find perfection.

As wine lovers we are, we want to love. And love is all about listening to each other.

Our wine approach it’s not about the wine we taste. It regards its ability of make us fall in love with it.

Natalia Pezzone – Passionate WSET 3

Nicola Centonze – Enthusiastic Winemaker & Enologist

How we write our tasting notes

In order to elaborate reliable wine reviews, at we chose to follow the WSET Level 3 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine© (SAT).

We consider it simple enough to be understood by all wine lovers, but at the same time complete, professional and precise. We understand that this is only one approach to wine tasting and we apologise if some features are not fully considered by our notes.

For more information about WSET’s SAT we encourage you to visit WSET Global Knowledge Center.

Finally, we apologise for many of our pictures, as sometimes they’re not of the best quality. Most of our pics were taken just for personal reasons, in order to remember which wines we tasted, and they were not supposed to be used in a website.

It is true that we could just look for pictures of these wines on the Internet. However, we find it more honest to use our real pictures, as it’s part of our Wine Approach: take life in a Szamorodni way, that is, as it comes, one sip at a time.

Please feel free to comment or contact us if you want to share your opinion, ask any questions or just talk with somebody about wine.

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